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martes, 18 de septiembre de 2012

iGear / iGearPro

iOS 6 compatible

With this app you can calculate how many metres your bike rides for each crank revolution.

It is very easy:

  • first, select the number of chainrings that your bike has, fill in the boxes with the number of teeth of the chainrings (tip: tap next/done and the keyboard will disappear when it is no longer necessary)
  • choose the appropriate wheel size,
  • roll the picker to select the cassette,
  • gear inches on or off, according to your preferences,
  • then, press "calculate"

When you have pressed the button, the wheel circumference will appear, just in case you need it to feed into your bicycle computer and, if you are using an iPad, in the same view will appear a series of numbers showing the metres the bike rides depending on the cog selected.

The red figures mark the gears that are very similar (+ - 9%)

To compare two transmissions, select the first one, hit "calculate" and then "COMPARE". Once the transmission is on the screen, select again the number of chainrings, wheelsize and cassette and hit "calculate". Now, there are two different transmissions on the screeen


If you want to add a cassette that is no in the picker, press " +Cassette" and a new view will appear on your iPhone, while a popover appears on iPad's screen.

Both works in the same way: fill in the blanks, don't worry about capital letters, the app will do it for you. For a better understanding of displayed data, it is advisable to start from the biggest cog (or lowest gear) to the smaller one. Once you finished, press "Save" and tap on the screen (out of the popover area) or press "Done" on the iPad, and press "Save" and "Done" on the iPhone.


If you feel the need to delete a cassette, press the button "Manage". A series of rows will appear and just swipe your finger over the row to be deleted or press "Delete" and confirm your selection.

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